My New Sony Gear

For eight years I was a Canon user for my wildlife photography, and it was a great setup for birds and animals. I decided to have a change and started

Frog Travel

The sticks float by as the little frog lost swept away in the night as the storm hit our peaceful land. All alone the world looks so big, a flat

Wake up

It’s a new day. Stretch the old body Mind racing The Rain hits the Van roof Then an Acorn It’s so loud. I’m itching to get up and make something.

A thought 4.10am

Life is hard Dieing is easy Life goes on Many more Tests will come. It’s life Not predicted no control. Be strong Stay positive Smile Love yourself Your wife Your

My Thoughts at 3am

Sleep calm my Ruth your goodness fills the room, chest rising beating with me in unity. Shadows fill the room and opening to another adventure story for my blog, we

The Hide in Autumn

Sat in the Wildlife hide today weather not to good but the little Wren was very busy around the log pile so i used the Crop mode and got some

The River Flows

Water flows freely past me fast from the drop into a pool darker and deeper in colour. The shadow of the rainbow trout swimming free reminds me when I was

Sony A7r4 100-400+1.4 Ext

The IQ this combination achieves is amazing so to have the facility to crop heavy and retain so much detail is a wildlife photographers dream, this Little Wren is so


Why do my dreams carry on where they left off after I wake up. The Army dream happened again, everyone dislikes me, they make life hard for me its so

Grateful Or Not.

Christmas approaches we never thought that a Virus from an Animal would distrup our life on earth. No one wrote a song about it, or predicted it would happen. The

The Box

Over time I mind thoughts go to to a certain time or person, a memory of sadness never Happy ones, always something that puzzles me, why it happened. I know