12 Month Sony Review

Coming from camera brand I loved was a big jump and some say a gamble, but I made the right choice with some simple requirements for my needs. Wildlife and birds being my main style was very important to me so the image quality had to exceptional. Focus tracking had to be on the next level, not so much frames a sec but the ability to track fast moving subject.

The glass is a just as important and again through research I found a lens that had only positive reveiws, so after all that and getting the right price for my Canon gear I made the switch.

So 12 Month later what are my genuine thoughts on the Sony A7r4, well to be truthful I can’t imagine another camera that has made me one of the happiest guys on the planet. That’s a big statement but if you jump ship from something that you love and find something better there is no better feeling.

From day one I felt my photography teach another level, my wife could see the difference in my images and close friend’s also made comments on my photography. But more importantly my Keeper rate increased istantly. I had read that the A9 have you a post editing experience of shall we say which image do I pick or save. That goes for the A7r4 not just with the 200-60) but with all glad I own.

It made you feel confident you could capture that image what ever it was. Noise on my other camera was an issue not going voice 800 ISO but with my Sony I could confidently use 2000 ISO without any problem at all. I have had no worries with noise when many people have said 61mp causes issues.

I quickly learned that I could half my megapixels to 26mp and use APS.C mode which gets you closer but with no kiss to image quality. Speed of the focus is very fast and as a bird photographer I had one bird I had failed to capture for many years, always just being out of focus.

The weather was kind to me so headed to where the Turnstone gathered. It moved very quick keeping close to the water level and after getting in position I set my settings and waited. I used Zone Focus area and Multi metering with high speed burst. The camera responded great but the skill of panning has to be very good to hold focus. Saying that I quickly glanced down at my LCD and knew I had nailed some.

To capture images of a subject so small flying fast requires a lot of skill it’s not just the equipment you have and how good the tracking is. People should be aware that having no photography skills could cost you dearly if you think the A9 A9l l or A7r4 will get you fantastic images. Knowledge of the subject and more importantly behaviour is paramount, if you are to capture any bird in flight.

What has impressed me with the A7r4 is the versatility it has to go from Wildlife to Portrait photography then to Landscape and Macro. It’s an all round beast that is going to be hard to match purely because of the good feel factor the camera has given me.

So to the Insect world and I have always been fascinated with Macro but knowing its very hard with Depth of Field being the main challenge, but I wanted a go and again had a subject that I had seen images of but never caotured. The Wasp, Hover Fly and Bumble Bee is a subject that’s has been on my list of images to capture, so in the middle of the first lockdown I found a lovely location with many flying bees and wasps.

Not being familiar with the settings to use I used my birds in flight settings and used the Sony 90km 2.8 Macro lens. After changing my position a few times I found I had to be in their world so I say in between to flowering shrubs and just watched the bees fly in. This was my best chance as they left one flower to fly to the next they came in fast but slowed down as they landed. What I found again was using the Zone focusing gave me my best results. The images taken below were all using the 90mm

So onto the 85mm 1.8 lens one lens many Sony professionals have in their bag. Both outstanding, sharp enough to cut yourself on and not expensive. My family help me out a lot by modelling for me indoors and outdoors. Here are a few of my best over the past year

onto the 100-400 G Master and some amazing pin sharp images of all manner of subjects from birds to dogs, statues and more

What more can I say about the Sony A7r4 than its faultless in my hands and with any given lens made for it, will produce beautiful images that any photographer would be happy with. I really hope you go to Sony and look at this camera, with 3 new models ready for sale in 2021 the r74 will be a great choice that will last you for years. Finishing off with a collection of my birds in the last 12 months taken with the amazing sharp 200-600.

If your not into wildlife or portrait images why not get creative and stay at home and try creative photography with water and a glass. Or droplets from a sandwich bag a plate of milk and a small tripod and flash. You can create some amazing images with limited knowledge. Or just a flower and some water mist from a cheap spray bottle

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