My New Sony Gear

For eight years I was a Canon user for my wildlife photography, and it was a great setup for birds and animals.

I decided to have a change and started researching the best setup for bird photography – one that had a great focus system.

I looked at and tried the Nikon D850 with the Nikon 200-500 which was amazing at tracking birds in flight, but after editing I just could not get used to the colour the of the images.

I then went to an Olympus Micro Four Thirds, and purchased the EM1 Mk2 with the 300 f4 Pro lens. This was better than I expected with a 2x magnification, but it did not have the reach I wanted. I kept the setup for a year and started my research on the Sony Alpha Full Frame series.

After a short amount of research, assisted by Youtube and Flikr, I made my mind up and went for the New Sony A7r4, Sony 100-400 G Master and the Sony 200-600 f5.6-6.3.

My keeper rate went from 60% to 85% after just a few days.

I was returning from my photography outing and was spoilt for choice for which image to keep – I got that many that were in focus out of a burst of 10 frames a second.

I made the switch and didn’t look back – I just got really excited whenever I ventured out.

What I quickly found out was that having 60 Megapixels to work with is a massive bonus when editing and cropping. There is a lot of discussion about 60 megapixels being too much and unnecessary, but I can honestly say the camera is amazing at keeping so much detail and the 200-600 lens is as sharp if not sharper than the Canon and Olympus lenses.

Yes, the files are massive and slow to load, but I don’t need to rush any aspect of my photography – why should I when I spend hours waiting for birds and animals to appear.

The focusing system is amazing and tracks birds – it may miss the odd one here and there.

It does buffer but I only do burst of three or four, so it quickly deals with the files – at no time have I been left in a situation where I had to fire off more shots when the files were writing the the card.

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