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Lens Extender

NEEDS A TITLE in Bold and Italic

Since getting my first camera and lens, I always wanted more reach.

Having a 400mm lens on an APSC camera gives you a magnification of 1.6, so this is a great way to get you closer to the subject.

Grey Heron Olympus EM1 mk2 2x Magnification

Having both Canon and Olympus made life a little easier to get closer to the subject, however my first choice is always using field craft and my military skills to get the best position.

I use anything in the line of site that will enable me to go forward without being seen.

Red Fox

On many occasions I have used a tree that’s between me and the animal or bird, and slowly walked or kept towards it. I take two to three steps and keep looking down for anything that will make a noise that could startle it.

On other occasions I use my camouflage suit to conceal myself, and this method is great for capturing unexpected visitors.

My first experience of this was back in 2013 waiting for a Short Eared Owl to approach. As I sat ready, a Kestrel landed within 10 feet of me.

Kestrel looking down my camera lens

My third option after concealment or getting closer is the lens extender.

My Canon can be fitted with a 1.4 or 2x extender, but after using my mate’s I was not convinced with the image quality so I never purchased one.

After getting my Sony camera, I needed to know whether the Sony Extender was better than what Canon was producing.

After hours of research I purchased my first Extender and started using it this week on small birds on my feeding station.

The results are amazing, and being able to fill the frame on a full frame camera is a joy.

Sony A7r4 200-600 1×4 Extender

The detail the camera and lens achieves is outstanding, with all the functions of the camera working exactly the same as it would without the extender.

Yesterday had some descent light, so I setup on my decking.

Using an f9 aperture was a new area of photography for me, as I always have the aperture at its biggest to let the most light into the sensor.

Robin filled the frame, using 1×4 ext

When a simple ext gives you amazing results, it makes the photographer very happy.

Goldfinch 200-600 + 1.4 ext


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