The Jay flew into the hide area.

I could not wait to capture the bird with the pink plumage and bright blue feathers.

They came for peanuts on the tree stump and once found, they would return until all the nuts had gone.

In one visit it picked up 28 peanuts, filling it’s crop.

Peanuts for lunch

At first, one Jay would come. Then three.

The nuts went down really fast, but this gave me a chance to observe the flight path they used; not always the same, but I learned that most birds land first on a pre-perch to check that the feeding area is safe.

Jay checking the coast is clear

After hours of observing, I made a plan to place a big ‘pre-perch’ tree branch about 10 feet away from the peanuts. Hopefully the Jay would take the bait and give me chance to try and capture it in flight.

Camera Focus System

I had to get my settings right, and with practice I got better and better capturing the Jay as it took flight and came into land.

It takes skill to anticipate when the bird will take flight, and a good panning movement to follow the bird – the camera doesn’t do everything.