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The Daily Blog

The daily blog will be dedicated to the photography images captured around the site and on my daily outings.

This could be anything that my followers will find interesting, and not just animals, birds, insects and flowers.

Keeping it interesting means having something totally different that I can capture and write about.

Birds in the Garden

Sat in the new boot for my foot that was injured back in April this year, I set up my feeders and the tripod, and attached my beloved Sony A7r4 with the beast Sony 200-600.

It wasn’t long before the Siskin Redpoll, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Nuthatch, Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Chaffinch, Robin, Blackbird and Collard Dove (just a few birds then!) all came into this amazing place for me to capture without even leaving the decking of our van.

What more could a wildlife photographer want? It doesn’t have to be a Sea Eagle or Kingfisher – it can be the small birds that give you a lovely images.

Looking through the viewfinder and down the glass is a fantastic feeling. Seeing a pose that I have not captured before, missing it, and thinking ‘that would have been great’. Then another bird will land and do something you have not seen before.

The Collard Dove always sits opposite the van in a tree, or will walk on the ground so it is directly in front of the feeder. If you watch the posture change, you know when it is going to take to flight.

Having the lens pointing in the area of flight takes practice and very quick reactions to capture it just right and be in focus.

As Ruth got to grips with our garden, I had collect a pile of logs over the years and she decide to get rid.

I noticed a log with fungi on it, retrieved it, and placed it near the sunflower seeds.

All afternoon I waited for the image I was after, and this image comes from having the knowledge of the Nuthatch and knowing the positions it gets into when looking for food.

Nuthatch Sony A7r4+Sony 200-600

The day was a great photo session, sat down and waiting for the birds to come to me.

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