The Great Spotted Woodpecker

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?

Great Spotted Woodpecker.

The hide at Goodenbergh opened a new world of bird photography for me; birds I had only heard about, seen in the distance or had a quick glance of a species.

Sat in my tranquil hide, I began to see and learn about bird behaviour, bird calls, friendly mating calls, and alert calls for danger.

When I sit in silence, I enter ‘the zone’; it is hard to explain, but I forget everything that’s going on in the angry world. Life just slows down, giving me a sense of peace and calm. Just me and the camera.

I even learnt about the different sound that certain trees make.

The Beech tree

sounding like sea shells

being softly hit

by small waves.

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

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