The Amazing Detail of the Sony A7r4+200-600

The detail on a bird’s body is like it has been computer generated.

Feathers of all sizes and shapes begin at the head and continue down to the tail feathers.

The resolution you keep with the A7r4 gives you so much room when editing, coming from an APS.C sensor to a full frame camera didn’t bother me from 1.6 crop factor to 35mm.

The Sony 61mp is huge and if you’re not close enough you can use a APS-C mode that gives you extra reach but cuts the resolution down from 61mp to 26mp.

I took these today when the light was poor using an ISO 800 and a Shutter speed of 1/800 on f6.3.

Look at the bird’s eye and the resolution in the bird’s feathers – how clear they are.

Juvenile Robin Sony A7r4+200-600
Female Chaffinch Sony A7r4+200-600
Nuthatch Sony A7r4 200-600
Collard Dove Sony A7r4+200-600

The joy this camera has given me has opened up a new world.

Having the dynamic range and confidence that you can crop in camera is amazing. The beast 200-600 is so sharp it is a wildlife photographer’s dream; so sharp even at 600, and most of the time there is no sharpening needed.

Anyone wanting help with settings, or if you can’t get the images it should be producing, let me know – I’d be glad to help.

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