My Little Owl Video

Our static van is a bird paradise with around 70-80 bird species on and around the site.

One owl I had looked for but never found was the Little Owl.

I spent many hours scouring the countryside on some wild goose chases.

One afternoon me and my wife Ruth went for a walk from the site; after a mile along a country lane I looked up at this building sitting in a field about 100 feet from the lane.

“God look Ruth! There is the Little Owl I have been looking for so long.”

It spotted us from a distance but just seeing it was fantastic and my head started spinning thinking of my next plan of action

The next farm up was very close so being new to the area I made a point of contacting the farmer (a man called John), who was very interested in what I was doing. He gave me permission to go in the field next to the building.

I researched the behaviour of the Little Owl and found out that they come out at dusk and have a habit of sitting on fence posts.

I did a recce looking for signs of the owl.

After two weeks of of observing it I purchased a trail camera. This is a camera that captures anything that moves, triggered by sensors.

The plan worked well with some lovely footage of it sitting on the post.

I hadn’t realised that it makes itself bigger and lets out a call as it rises up.

The experience was amazing, and with no still images I still had a challenge on my hands to get a photograph.

Enjoy this lovely video of it on the post.

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