A Grateful Dawn

Wiping my eyes, looking across to a gap in the curtain, I see the sun shining.

The unmistakable sound of the Song Thrush echoes above me.

Another day in the life of the photographer begins.

Camouflage I think for today, as I dress for the occasion.

My field clothing

Battery charged. SD card in. Clean lens.

I walk slowly down the country lane.

Moving slowly I use all the skills I learned in the military.

The track bends to the left, and sitting on the path is a hare enjoying the peace.

Dawn Hare

Sitting down, I take in the clean country air and gaze up to see the blue sky; the Buzzard is on his first flight of the day.

Buzzard Soring high

Quietly I wait for a sound, a movement – anything to photograph.

Hours pass.

As I stand to move away I see it.

Roe Deer

Good morning – where is your family?

It is OK – I will leave you in peace.

I back away with the wind in my favour.

I turn to make my way through an open field with sheep and young lambs.

Mum cleans the baby lamb, who has started his very short life.

Welcome to the world

As I arrive back, I sit down and reflect.

I spent the last three hours in total silence with creatures not many people see in their lifetime.

YoungRed Fox Cub

The door opens and my darling wife walks in and kisses me.

How are you today Ron?

I’m very content and grateful for the wonderful life I have.

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  1. What a lovely way to start the day, peace and tranquility captured in the great photo’s


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