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Insects in Action

After capturing birds in flight, I had to try capturing a bumble bee, or wasp in flight too.

I have seen so many insects in flight on the internet and was curious as to how they were captured.

Whilst in a my cast my mobility was very limited, so I went on my electric scooter to a small wild garden close to where I live.

I had to get close, so it had to be the Macro lens and I used my settings for birds in flight.

Using this method I just waited for the 🐝 s to fly in and used the high speed burst mode with a zone focus area and multi metering.

Checking my LCD I quickly realised I had to up my shutter to 1/4000 to capture the whole body of the insect. The results were better.

Amazing flight shots on my first real attempt.

Yes there were many out of focus but I was hoping just for one.

Having a pick of at least 20 is just so rewarding, but the skill still needs to accompany the camera equipment.

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