Think Outside The Box

Winter came.

The migration had started.

The hedgehog and squirrel fat reserves were good; cuddled up in their leafy, warm, snug homes.

Time for a new challenge with the camera, and the Sony 85mm 1.8.

With such a lovely, big family to photograph winter is the time to capture some family portraits that we can share and the family can look back on and say Dad / Granddad Ron took that image.

Faye, Dan and Elsa, Dan, Danielle and Thea will join the collection when I get on my feet again.

I went out on my own just to get a feel of the new lens.

I was messing about and came across a man with a clarinet.

I took a few shots but he didn’t speak. I know nothing about him, and never saw him again.

The Clarinet Man

Finding some graffiti under a bridge, and using a tripod and timer, I captured my first street self portrait image.

Blackie. Sony 85mm f1.8

Having a beautiful wife gave me my next challenge – to capture us together and her modelling for me.

It was hit and miss at first – finding the right light source was hard to master.

In the end I purchased a studio set up which gave me better results.

Ron and Ruth

Having lovely light, one day we went for a photo session in Stanley Park on a very cold day. The sun was out very low which gave great shadows.

I tried to get a image of us walking away hand in hand.

Walking over bridge. 85mm f1.8

It was lovely photographing Ruth, and 10 months later they look even better.

The quality of lens is so important. Looking at these post process, it was a joy to see crisp, clear images with beautiful Bokeh, an effect a certain lens gives you.

The got a different kind of satisfaction from this form of photography – it was very interesting and before long I wanted to do portrait.

I had a great loft space, so we set about making it comfortable; new carpet and nice selection of backdrops gave it a lovely feel.

I collected anything that a person could use in the image to make it more interesting. Hats, sunglasses, roses, bubbles, confetti.

Off I set capturing family members.

The results were so good I was asked for prints that are now taking pride and place in frames on walls.

After the success in the studio I moved to street photography, my imagination running wild.

Matt and his Evie-Rose were my models for the photography shoot; Blackpool for Evie and Poulton for Matt.

Using the graffiti next to the local supermarket there was lots of scope and we had a fantastic time, finishing off with lunch in McDonalds.

Matthew was next in line.

I had to come up with an original plan that would set the scene.

Knowing the Matt played the guitar, I lay in bed thinking of Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel.

The train station would be a great place to start.

Another great time with my family helping me doing something I love so much.

Ruth went to see Faye in Cambridge, and when I dropped her off at Preston Rail station I took the opportunity to ask people if I could take photos of them acting naturally.

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