Birds in Flight 23/08/2020

The images I captured today were taken using a higher ISO.

To explain that in the simplest way possible, ISO is one of three elements that make up a digital image:

  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO

When using Manual on the camera you set them all – aperture, shutter and ISO.

If the object you are photographing is well lit you can use ISO 400 – 800.

Take today; in the morning the light was good enough on the branch for me to take flight shots.

To enable me to get flight shots with the bird and wings frozen in focus, I need a shutter speed between 1/2000-1/3200.

The morning was fine but in the afternoon the light went was poor so I had to push my ISO up to 3200/4000. Pushing it up gave me more light, and it looked like I had captured some great crisp, clear images.


When I imported the image files, they looked good but there was noise.

Noise is a term we use in the photography game which simply means that the area surrounding the bird is grainy. It is a bone of contention with a lot of people – some like a grainy look and some like it to be very smooth.

Comments Requested

When you see the images, I would really appreciate your feedback in the comments section – give your honest opinion on how they look – do you think they look good or would prefer a smoother image. Thank you.