My Granddad showed me his camera, telling me as a boy

Ron you can capture a picture inside here and develop it.

All pictures can tell a story, that’s what’s fascinating about photography.

I will show you what I know and help you become a great photographer. Your Auntie is a great photographer and she turns her prints into watercolours and displays them in a gallery.”

Sadly my Auntie died from cancer at 32 just as I joined the Army, so I could not learn from her and see her work.

One thing my Grandad taught me was to break the rules of photography if you can capture a once in a lifetime shot.

I held those words with me.

On one occasion in 2013 I was spending time with a Short Eared Owl. As the day went on the images I got were the best owl images I had ever captured.

The location was on the coast of Fleetwood in a large wild field where the owl hunted.

As the sun went down over the horizon just behind the wall that went along from Fleetwood to Cleveleys, the owl began to hunt and landed about 50 feet away from me.

This was the closest it had come in two weeks of filming. I was in my Sniper clothing so it was unaware of me being there.

Looking into my viewfinder I could see my readings were wrong – very over exposed. Granddad’s words rang out

Take the shot Ron, you never know.

Into the sun it flew

Thanks Granddad.