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Sarah and Mull

The doorbell went.

That will be Sarah my wife said. Ruth had invited her best mate round so that I could meet her.

Well, the door opened and she flung herself round me, giving a big kiss and hug. It was as though we had met after not seeing each other for years, but it was only our first meeting.

We had a drink and then Sarah told us all about her life on Mull, her tragic loss, and her life helping people on Mull and working on a farm, helping with every aspect of farming life you can think of.

The date was set and we booked the ferry for myself, Ruth and Jake our little Jack Russell.

From booking it I had many nights dreaming of the red stag stood before me, the white tailed eagle snatching a fish from the water. The otter breaking the water surface on a cold morning.

We arrived at a fantastic house, smack bang next to the coast.

It was 24 degrees that day and we woke up looking out at blue sky.

Sarah went to work and we had Jake with us, Bertie the african grey parrot, Romeo the cat, and two other lovely dogs.

I thought I started the day with smiles, but Sarah was on par or even better. She never seemed to stop, other than when I made tea and she had a glass of wine with Ruth.

I went out with my gear the next morning early to look for the red deer, one deer I had never photographed.

I found a herd and used my knowledge to get as close to them as possible. It was open terrain with no cover. One sensed danger and popped it’s head up over a ridge and they were gone down a valley to the other side, stopping to look at me.

We had a fantastic week and said goodbye to Sarah, leaving her with a carving I made as a thank you.

Acorns hand carved by Ron

Leaving on the ferry, we looked back and remembered our first time on Mull.

We were soon back again in 2018, but sadly we had lost our Little Soldier Jake. He had some amazing journeys with us.

Sarah had sold her house and moved a short way into a picturesque bungalow. It had a living room widow so big you could see left and right for miles.

The plan this time was to try and capture one image most photographers want, a White Tailed Eagle snatching a fish from the water.

The trip was on a boat with a local man that had knowledge of the islands and gave a great talk as we went towards where the eagles fished.

We were treated to dolphins swimming and jumping.

Dolphin – Canon 7D mk2 100-400 my2

We arrived at the location and my heart started to race.

I had seen movies of the eagle fishing and dreampt of the day I would witness it.

It went very quiet.

I kept checking my camera settings.

I said a little prayer for Jake, as I know he was there with us bringing me luck.

I looked up and there it was. The biggest bird I had ever seen.

White Tailed Eagle

It came in so fast.

I followed it to the water, shutter butter going off like a machine gun.

Within seconds it had gone up high with it’s catch.

I looked down at my LCD hoping the images were in focus.

I gave a look to Ruth and smiled – nailed it.

Thanks Jake – I knew you were watching over us.

The amazing image I wanted so much is now in a hand carved frame I made.

White Tailed Eagle
White Tailed Eagle
White Tailed Eagle

We arrived back at Sarah’s house with big smiles on our faces, a great time had by all.

We sat down for tea going over the day trip and chilled for the evening. Sarah took us to a lovely place and we had a great walk and took in the gorgeous countryside.

It was time to leave again, so off we went thanking Sarah for letting us stay.

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