Photography is a huge area to explore:

  • Wildlife
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Street
  • Sports
  • Cityscape
  • Crystal Ball
  • Night Photography
  • Fireworks
  • Solar System

I came across an article covering water droplet photography and, with some research, came up with a plan without spending huge amounts of dosh.

The plan was easy – camera and mini tripod, homemade stand, plastic sandwich bag filled with water, food colouring and a needle.

I placed a plate on the sink top and filled it with water and then attached the bag with water to the stand about 4 feet above the plate.

Using Manual focus on my Macro lens, I held a ruler in the water and made a small pin prick in the bag.

When the droplet hit the water, I placed the ruler where it landed and focused on the numbers.

I wish now that I had images of how I setup the equipment for anyone who wanted to have a try at it. Next time I’ll make sure to do this.

Timing was critical and I had to use a flash to capture the splash as it happens that fast.

First efforts were OK, and then I got the timing right.

Clear water to start gave some nice results.

After trying clear water I added food colouring to the bag of water, using the same method with some fantastic effects.

To finish off, I added milk and got even better effects and results.

A very simple and rewarding photography idea that gives you hours of fun.

You just need to be careful of water getting on the camera lens and body if it is not weather sealed.