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The Little Scooter

Since April I have either been in plaster on my right ankle or in a Rom Walker boot.

Having a little electric scooter has been my escape. When a rainy day changed to a nice evening I went out with my Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens on my Sony A7r4.

I approached a little village and came to a clearing. The church looked lovely against the sky.

I used Luminar 4 to post process and because the image had a white sky it spoilt the whole image. With the sky replacement tool I tried a few skies until I was happy with the look.

I am not a big fan of messing with an image but sometimes it helps to keep the image instead of deleting it.

Burton-in-Lonsdale Church

I got as close to the river as I could as I love the water effect you can get by slowing your shutter speed down and using the maximum aperture on the camera of f22.

My shutter speed was 1/8 handheld, and lowering the camera down to ground level I was amazed at how still the camera was at this shutter speed.

Sony have a tool called called ‘steady shot’ which enables you to shoot at very slow shutter speeds without motion blur.

River Greta

I had a quiet moment sitting on a bench watching five Pied Wagtails practicing flying and diving.

To my left was a pink weed sitting with the sun on it, so I tried seeing what the Bokeh effect was like using f2.8 to blur the background.

Outstanding Bokeh on this 3rd party lens.

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