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Sony 85mm 1.8

Setting – Woods

Light – Poor

Body – Sony A7r4

To go into a dark wood, wet and miserable, is not my ideal scenario for a first time portrait shoot with my Granddaughter.

I always say that if the lens makes you feel confident, you will come away with great images. That is the case with the lovely Bokeh – money well spent.

I did a recce the day before looking for interesting foliage and trees with character. This was easy as the woods where we are are just left to their own devices.

I have learnt to look for three nice areas that will give me and the model some easy photographs. I went through the positions myself before asking Evie to replicate.

What I find a little tricky is getting that natural look from the model; it was only the third time we had done a modelling session so maybe it will get a little easier.

Evie seemed more relaxed towards the end of the session, and thinking about it now next time I will come up with a story for each scene to help Evie get the right expression on her face (for example, tell her she can has just won some money).

Anyone looking for a lens that packs a punch, and for a brilliant price compared to the Sony G Master series, this is just amazing.

Every image I took was in focus and tack sharp. It took no effort whatsoever to capture my model. It was a joy to use the 1.8 aperture to blur the background out, with a very slow shutter speed and low ISO.

After owning the lens for nearly 12 months, if you’re thinking of getting one don’t hesitate – just do it.

Below are some examples of the IQ and Bokeh the lens produces.

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