Spring Tale

I was sitting on the bench I’d made from Pine and Beach; family names carved into the wood, love passing through the chisel as I added another name for a new birth.

I was running out space so at the time I remember thinking “hurry up Daniel my son, there is space for your Daughter”; Beautiful baby Thea was born during lockdown.

Tools down, standing back, I gaze over the names admiring the work, my gift from who knows where.

A faint cry echoes out. Is it an Owl? No – it is a baby lamb crying out for mum.

I try to sit back down to rest, but with the lamb crying in the background i can’t – the sound upsets me not knowing if it is lost or trapped.

I told Ruth I wouldn’t be long. Moving off site, the noise got louder as I approached the small hedgerow running along the path that led down to the woods. It stopped crying for a second so, stopping in my tracks, I waited. Movement came from the hedge. Hello little lamb! I heard you crying and came to help you.

The poor thing had pushed it’s head through the wire fence; it was made up of squares just the right size for a little lamb’s head to fit through.

After eating what it had put it’s head through to get to, it quickly learnt that it’s head wouldn’t come out at easy as it went in.

I have learnt on my travels around the countryside that this happens all the time and I don’t always get there in time to save them.

Five years of rescue or death – I won’t eat L… anymore.

Holding the baby lamb by it’s head, I moved it back and forth as it cried, not knowing I was trying to help it.

Getting upset myself because I couldn’t free it from certain death, I ran back to my van and got some wire snips.

Arriving back, I carefully cut the wire above it’s head and it jumped free, scampering through the field, living up to it’s name.

As I grow older, wiser, and more caring than ever, life becomes so precious to me – from a woodlouse to any living creature that was put on this earth for a reason.

As I walk with my camera, looking for wonderful animals or birds to photograph, I witness death on a daily basis and find it hard to accept.

The next day I see a happy, playful lamb standing on it’s mum’s back.

That Ron set me free mum

Up high on the moors going towards Slaidburn, I came across an adult lamb giving directions to a little hedgehog.

Off the road little Hedgehog – it is dangerous and your’re in decline you know

The clouds gathered as I slowly made my way back home.

Climbing high to the top of the hill that looked over the lake to our site, there it was like a big Thank you Image.

Content for now the Little Lamb
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