Monty and Jake’s Resting Place

Warm under my 15 tog quilt, my mind wondering what images would I get today, when I remembered the weather forecast for the day.

Sunny it said, with Sunrise at 6.15am.

Fitting my boots and getting into the Paramo gear, I picked up my new Fuji camera, trying hard not to show our African Grey Bella I was up and about.

Firing my little Owl scooter up and making my way out of the site, the cold Autumn air hit my bald head, giving me a chill in my hands.

The road was quiet at 5.30am; travelling warp speed at 8mph the G Force blew my cheeks out.

Arriving early, I started to check the settings as it is always a bit strange with a new system.

The Whitethroat was singing on top of the hedgerow and sheep were getting up from the night’s sleep, shaking and moving slowly through the wet grass. The Church in Burton-In-Lonsdale sitting in the valley that stretches beyond to Ingleton.

Ingleton has a special place in our hearts.

When our little Jake died I put some of his ashes in a silver container. I still had my first dog Monty’s ashes, my Golden Labrador, and I placed some in next to Jake.

After engraving the box, I made the plan to walk to the top of Ingleton and place the box on the edge of the mountain where they could watch me and Ruth everyday.

My Step Daughter Faye was to accompany me to the top, so on a cold snowy frosty morning in November we met in Clapham and we started our journey.

The going was slow with lots of talking about Jake. Me and animals bond in a special way and it takes a good two years for me to get over the loss of a loving pet.

The clouds were very low as we made our way up; it got colder and mist came in, wet and freezing cold. I cried most of the way up as feelings were running high.

There had been no blue sky or sun all the way up from base camp.

As we reached the top and walked to the trig point, the sky just opened.

I burst into tears and just said “Jake and Monty are with us”.

We sat down for a while and then I made my way to the edge of the mountain looking for a suitable rock to put the ashes under.

After placing the tin under the rock, I stood and said a small prayer for my beloved companions that gave me so much love and made many special moments for me and Ruth.

As I said a prayer a man appeared before me, said good morning and turned and disappeared. The strange thing is, I walked to the edge and it was a shear drop for hundreds of feet.

Monty – 16 Happy Labrador Years

One of the first things I did after we lost Jake was to carve his image into a nice log – a silver birch. It takes pride on our step at home in Cleveleys.

Jake from one of the first images I took of him

Every time we go out, we look up and always say the boys are looking down on us.

Rest in Peace Monty and Jake over in Rainbow Bridge.

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