The Bird Feeder for lots of Birds

Every year I waste money on plastic and cheap metal feeders, but this year I was in a Plaster on my right foot from April to September. While I sat there looking at last year’s feeders, an idea came into my head.

With my Carving Power tools I realised I could make a feeder.

I found some old bits of Birch in the woods, or you could use drift wood if clean of oil or detergent. Make a large groove along the top that will hold seed and make some holes with a drill for putting fat balls in. If you drill holes through from the top that will release any rain water that collects in the hollowed out area.

The birds can eat in peace all together and they feel safe being next to each other, plus it makes a great stage for flight shots as they come into land as not all birds fly onto the perch – some hover above the feeder.

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