Oh how small you are, sitting high in the pine tree canopy.

We heard about your place in paradise, a place you are safe from The Grey.

You’re so hard to find. I have waited years for this moment.

Will you spend some time on the forest floor? There is a mossy carpet, green and soft; ferns appear, poking through reaching for daylight.

It is safe to come down.

We have treats for you, and my camera is ready to capture you in all your glory.

We will sit and enjoy the total silence as your guests.

Placing a hazelnut on a mossy mound, with an old branch just above it we sit and wait.

The silence is interrupted by the call of a buzzard enjoying the summer afternoon thermals.

A fern begins to shake, then crawling up the branch little Rusty peers down at the Nut sitting on the moss. Quick! Before your friends find it!

Little Rusty looking at the Nut

Thank you Blackie – other humans come and gives us Monkey Nuts but they don’t agree with our stomachs. These are nice and full of goodness.

I will sit here for you so you can get a nice image of me. I hear I am famous in a frame on someone’s wall.

Did you get some nice ones of me? Please show people how beautiful I am, but keep my home a secret.

Have a coffee whilst I check out your camera.

Little Rusty perched on my Canon 7Dmk2

My tummy is full so thank you, and please come and see me again.

Have you some more nuts for my winter storage? I will tell a fact that people get wrong all the time about my winter – I don’t hibernate – I stay awake playing and eating all year round.

Take some more photographs as I look round for a nut and carry it high up into the forest canopy my place of safety.

Hope to see you soon Blackie. Please place me in a frame so if you don’t come back to see me you have lovely memories to look at and tell your children about.