Using Birds In Flight Settings for Flying Insect

When I injured my ankle in April my bird photography was out of the question because I was in plaster. I love trying new challenges and Macro came to me as I could use the garden and wouldn’t have to go far.

I looked for a lens to go with my Sony A7r4. The Sony 90mm 2.8 had the best reviews so that is what I chose.

After experimenting in the garden on spiders and woodlouse I really wanted a bee or a hover fly, sitting on a flower.

Close to where we live is a wild garden in a park. My wife dropped me off and I didn’t have a clue what settings to use.

The light was good with the sun behind me. I sat down at plant level and watched the bees fly in.

A thought came to me that if I adopted the Birds in Flight technique and used a fast shutter speed I maybe able to capture a bee in flight.

After a morning practicing with some OK images, by the afternoon session the light was still good and I got some good images. I am not saying they’re perfect, but for a first attempt I was really happy with them.

I think I had to use a Shutter speed of 1/4000 and f8 and 1SO1000.

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