Gazing up at the Caribbean night sky, millions of stars look back at me.

The jetty moves with the ocean current.

The faint, dull sound of a coconut falls from the 🌴 tree, only to be taken out to sea on a ocean journey.

My mind wanders back and forth as I think back to my birth place.

I can see the red door my dad painted.

The hedge I hid behind when I threw a stone at the front window, breaking it and giving my mum a shock as she sat knitting an itchy wool balaclava

Just as I remember

The door swung open, nearly coming off the hinges and the Ex-Navy man came running out shouting, “Where are you Ronald?”

I crouched down behind the front hedge of our small but pretty garden. I started to fly, feet not touching the ground as on each shout of anger a hand would crash against my small body.

The door closed and up the stairs I went with more smacks from a man I loved. The belt would be next.

Or was it a call for love from two people that shouted and screamed at each other?

12 Hazel Avenue

A shooting star brings me back to my paradise island, and my childhood memories fade as I breath in the sweet Caribbean air.

Caye Caulker – my weekend retreat for 12 months

Did I run away?