Canon 100-400 MK2

Before jumping ship to Sony, my favourite lens of all time was the Canon 100-400.

It never let me down.

From humidity to cold, it performed every time and I would still have it today but for the nose factor from the camera body.

Out for a picnic with my Ruth, we sat next to the river in Kirkby Longsdale.

As we sat, a young grey heron flew in to fish on the river.

Not knowing it would accommodate me in the experience, I followed it down the river waiting for it to catch a fish.

After a short time it locked onto a fish and strike! Its head hit the water. Using Spot Focus and a High Burst frame rate of 10 a second, the frames rolled off.

It came up, eyes focused down the length of its beak, and shook the small fish around for 20 seconds or more.

Then turning it to swallow, it had gone.

The same thoughts I had had hundreds of times passed through the brain cycle. Was it in focus? Was the small square on the fish? Was the shutter fast enough to capture the detail?

My skill, anticipation and Canon had done it again, but there were many times it didn’t have the same outcome.

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