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Bluebell Wood

Every year the lady appears in the wood.

Sometimes near the stream near the bottom of the wood, old silver birch are waiting for me to come with my chainsaw and cut them up. I take them home where they can start their new life when the kind man makes them into an Owl with a beautiful face and wing and feather detail worthy of the amazing Barn Owl.

We don’t know where we will end up, but it is better than being thrown on a fire.

The little lady wishes for many things.

For the Tawny owl to have a family in the nest box Ron built and put up for them to nest in.

For the Redstart to return in May and use the nest boxes Ron made from Silver birch.

For the Bluebells to multiply and creep across the forest floor like a bright blue blanket thrown down by the Old Oak tree.

For the Roe deer to have a Fawn and for it to survive the winter feeding on the roots and bulbs scattered around the base of the tree.

For the Beech tree that is rotted to be a safe nest site for the Great spotted woodpecker to raise its family.

For the little wood vole to find refuge away from the Tawny family.

As the dark nights close in, the little lady can be heard planting new Bluebells, helped by the bank vole and mouse.

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