The Smallest Bird in the UK Part Two

I have spent many hours trying to film the little Goldcrest, a very small bird that never keeps still.

When I arrived at Goodenbergh Country Holiday Park I was very surprised to see the bird on my first week back in 2014.

It is a very hard bird to photograph due to being so small, and it has a habit of moving very quickly in and out of the branches.

Goldcrest Canon 7D mk 2 100-400 mk2

What a little beauty.

They sometimes get mistaken for the Fire Crest – this is a similar bird and the same size, but has more of an orange crest, hence the name.

I have never seen one, so this was the closest I got to the Goldcrest until one afternoon in 2018.

I was busy carving under the silver birch trees next to our van. I heard the sound of the Goldcrest ringing out but together with a smaller song that I had never heard before.

Keeping a look out, the sound got closer. Looking round over my shoulder I spotted two young Goldcrest in the small branches.

Moving very quickly, they were joined by a few more; then the adults appeared and they moved up into the higher branches.

Ruth was there like a shot with my camera.

This was a special time seeing the young that numbered about eight.

I finally found them in a pine tree sitting on a branch, but there were only four so I moved into position and captured as many images as possible.

Where is Mum?
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