Every now and then I get a feeling that rushes through my body.

I can’t explain it.

It’s like I am ready to explode from inside, with a feeling of being really happy.

I feel like a kid again doing daft things, singing as I ride my scooter round the park, feeling full on with people trying to tell them everything I am doing and the joy I get from it.

Making my Beautiful wife Ruth breakfast in bed like I did for seven years before my two injuries stopped me doing it.

It’s like I can see the light in the tunnel I played in years ago.

But all that said, I get a feeling that something will happen and bring me back down to earth. I don’t know why I feel like that, but it’s hard to shake off.

So, I calm down and just enjoy the moment. Waiting for the rush to start again – if it does.

Have you felt that feeling recently? It’s priceless.