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Swan Lake

The lake in Blackpool Stanley Park is a photography dream for anyone who wants to practice bird image capture either static or moving, it’s full of fantastic opportunity to practice your skills. I have been photographing birds there for 10 years and always find something to film.

It’s knowing where the certain species are but you can find many birds throughout the seasons. There is lovely light throughout the day but mornings are very bright and there is a harsh glare coming off the water which really makes photography hard. I often find a spot where I can observe the whole lake with the sun behind me. Knowing the behaviour of the bird helps and in time you begin to see signs that tell you something is about to happen.

The Swan is a classic example, in spring the lake is full of Geese and Swans, last year’s young and the dominant males who are very aggressive toward the young swans. This is a great time for me as I can tell when action is about to start. More action occurs at the end of the lake when groups fly together, and when e few fly to the other end of the lake most follow shortly after. 3 to 4 come low over the water, with a great chance to capture them as they gather pace over the water.

I can’t think of another bird that gives such a by brilliant action shot.

So when you know that 5 are giving signs of movement about to happen you get ready and wait. Then it happens.

The light shiny through the wings and the shadows, wings in all directions .

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