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Do yo say hello to the person passing by, walking in the other direction in the garden next door. In the corner shop, on the high street, in the pub toilet, on the river walking your dog, out for a morning jog.

It doesn’t cost anything to give someone a smile a gesture of feeling good and could brighten their day up to. Waving and saying morning or evening, what a lovely day it is.

In a world where most people are looking down as though have lost something looking down for the answer to who layed that path that’s worn away in time through people walking in all manner of footwear creating there own story.

No there looking at an object that they have come to trust as their best mate, the one that can give them any answers to any question, they don’t see me walking past, happy and wanting to say hi. No there looking at the latest video of cruelty that floods the whole tech system. There seeing people videoing scenes that only got shown if they were safe to do so.

I say hello but there is no reply so I walk past and try to work out what he or she was so busy with they never heard the vocal gesture. Was he telling his wife or girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or lover that there sorry. Happy birthday or just something silly like I left my toast you made me, my sandwiches are still in the fridge.

Eye contact with a kind smile to the person sitting on the chair opposite when your sat at the airport, the bus stop, train station, waiting room, shop, is there something I have missed is there a news bulletin that is so important that it has to be read in the street, in the car, walking.

The walk past the park children sit on static swings saying push me mummy or daddy, grandma, cousin,. Hang on a min I need to finish this text to say do we need milk or bread. Crash your son, daughter, grandchild is laying face down on the floor crying in pain. Your text caused that.

Your diving home full of joy when the lights change, you stop and your friend pulls up alongside you. The window is down already because it’s summer and your full of happiness you look across to say hello as you have not seen him, her for ages as a Virus has made life it little harder for us all, or has it.

You shout hi, hello, oreet, morning, goodday, how’s it going, alright mate,

The lights change you drive away to look up in your mirror to see you mate, friend still looking down trying to finish his text, I am on my way home, as the car Beeps his horn behind.

When I was serving in the military you came across people that said things to you, things words that meant a new meaning of how to go about your daily life. Words that would ring true years down the line, sayings that can describe life. One man said to me back in 1985, that there are certain things in life we need to hold onto, teach your fellow man, women, children.

The Basics of life and if you should loose that simple but so important skill that’s in us all then it’s going to be a struggle for you. Basic meaning good manners, respect, honesty, kindness. Social behaviour, just being a nice person. I don’t become the minority you still try your best to Open that door for the Old person, the wheelchair user, offer your seat to someone less fortunate than yourself.

He was spot on what he said all those years ago, some have come so obsessed that they miss you in the street, in the park, sat in the pub having s meal as you walk out say hello, but there to busy playing a game

Saw you last week, where, in the pub, I never saw you, no you were on your Phone, iPad, laptop, kindle, Zoom, Skype, watsap, messenger, tweeting. O yes I just picked my latest phone up that now’s when I need to Breath.

It makes me sad when my family member doesn’t hear my ask a question, my grandchildren just walks in the door straight past me playing Fortnight. You try so hard to teach the right things like a Simple Hello Gramma. Where has our simple world gone the one I spoke about being a child growing up. Has Hello really been so important, does it mean anything or do we just it because it’s the right thing to do. Just basic good manner.

Will I continue to say it to my mate in the high street when he looks down for the weather forecast that he can change. He can’t make his debt go away, he can’t bring his wife back, but he could say Hello back smile and maybe we could have a conversation that would make his day a little better, say something that would give him hope.

Yes I will and I will still tell my children off if that walk past me without saying s word that doesn’t cost anything, that shows human race communication. But wait the child that walked past turns and say I am Hungry.

Blame yourself if your children stop giving a simple word a gesture to other people, it’s your fault no one rlse. If you continue to to teach good manners it becomes the normal and right thing to do and when they grow up they will pass the simple gesture onto their children. Hello, goodday, morning was around long before the Phone, Social Media Tech, or any Video communication.

The other day I was walking on my crutches after my operation and as I walked down the street. A girl walk past and said Hello are you ok. Thank you I said and smiled it made my day that her parents had just taught her simple everyday manners and respect.

Don’t give up trying to teach the Basics of life.

Hello to all my Followers.

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