My walk with Nature

I see tree’s that are green the leaves of gold, bark aged with time roots long like a road. I make my way carefully through the Bluebells as the Roe deer looks back, I stop on the track. Go your Fawn is near, I will wait here while the mist clears.

So time moves by while the buzzard soaring high against the morning sky. Run my brown hare humans beware. The green lush fern leaves blow gently back and forth, the red fox scampers quickly down deep into the gorge.

I rest for a while after climbing the style, and I dream and smile for a short while. My ears hear the sound the Kingfisher is around diving up then down, with fish homewood bound.

The river runs low the Dipper white belly low, fly now dipper your chicks wait don’t you know. I sink slowly back against the bark of a willow tree, peace all around no sound but for the autumn leaves blowing around.

Gazing up the Grey squirrel carrys his nuts that he dug up. There from the Jay who hid them away for a cold winters day. Well hello little Robin I saw you follow me flying from tree to tree. Come sit a rest then go to your best.

I hear the sound of the Geese as the migrate east, only to come back next year here to feast. The fly in formation calling as they make their way to another nation.

Duck family with the chicks swim while picking at bits. There little bodies soft downy and soft, water droplets sitting on their backs.

How beautiful you sing Mr Songthrush, tunes from your heart cheering me up as I walk past not making a sound. Sing high and low its Spring, you let us know.

I sit in my armchair face smiling from the wonderful walk with nature, content with my surroundings and my life.

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