Yes we all say it, O help me God, please God let him live. Words we are familiar with in daily life but words that are said in haste or with no understanding or believing so why do we say it. Why do we turn to God when the world collapses around you. Over the years i have sat in church many times as a boy and a man. As a boy i would pray by my bed and never missed a night for a long time.

When my parents split up i prayed for them to get back together, when my Auntie was riddled of cancer. Yes you ask the question many times if God really exist if he takes my lovely Auntie or lets me get hurt as a boy when i pray all the time. 

Films and TV programmes documentaries showing someone asking God save me or Don’t let him die or suffer. Why not wake up and say the words Thank you Lord for another day on this planet.

Thank you Lord for my sight that I can see my family the trees and the Sun and the moon. The happiness in my child’s eyes laughing and loving life.

For me to feel and touch everyday things that we take for granted, to hold my child and cuddle my partner. To hold my camera capturing all the wonderful nature we see and take for granted.

Thank you Lord for my for my first breath when I wake up, the morning air as I open the door breathing in clean country air. To smell the Rose in my garden, the blossom of the Cherry Tree as it shows off its beauty.

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to give up a habit that would have moved me closer to you if I would have continued. For my strength in difficult situations. For my ability to overcome difficult times in my life making me a better person.

Lord I have seen signs from you things that can’t be explained moments in life you stop and think, that was a sign wasn’t it. Could that be my trusted mate coming back to visit me.

I let you down for years when I went to my dark place but came back to you like always, because I know you listen to me.

Do I fight your corner when someone says I don’t believe in God, no I don’t as that person has to find you first through happiness or death.

Why do as a football player look up when he scores a goal and whisper that was for you.

Thank you Lord for giving us people that loose everything but have the Faith in you to rise up to the challenge and be great again, inspiring others.

Thank you Lord for my trust in you and others for a word taken lightly in everything we do. Trust that bonds people together for life.

Lord you are heard in the voices of the world across the globe šŸŒŽ different nationalities different languages, 2 Words God and Lord. Said in everyday sentences, said when you hit yourself with a hammer. Said when your child appears crying your name for the first time.

Lord we talk to you daily so it’s not just when we need you or want you to save a life, it’s because your In us all in some way, so when someone says your name in vain why do I stand up for you and say not that’s not right to take the Lord’s Name in Vain.

I lay my head down at night and say thank:

Thank you God.