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Me or the World.

Have I changed as I get older why do we look back and say it wasn’t like that in my day. Do we really understand how life had become so different to what we had. Have generations like us looked back and said what I said. Did they hate their world the changes they could not do anything about. Time waits for no one. The clock digital or Analogue with tick on on move round batteries or no battery. The sun will rise and fall, the moon with be full, half or quarter.

Man will still see the UFO, sightings will always be fuzzy and jumpy even though we have 8k video format and Image Stabalisation built in to not just cameras but Phones. We don’t make decisions anymore it’s done by asking a box.

We hate change its something that some people just can’t except but when it happens so quick you can’t keep up, everything is done fast. When I go shopping I like to get eye contact with the assistant on the till maybe ask her how she is how her family is. But no the jellyfish next to you is that inpatient they put their shopping on before yours is in the bag, making you rush with your frail body or injured hand, they don’t know any difference because everyone else does it.

We live in an inpatient world all trying to do everything in secs instead of enjoying it. Stopping and sitting down on the bench I watch the people go past, my little Camera capturing face expressions on young and old, dark skinned and pale, one limb missing, guide dog guiding. Everyone in a rush they don’t see the man with the camera.

I tell myself just ask someone with a smile on her or his face, can I take your photo for my street image art. The times I have just asked that and ended up sitting listening to a brilliant story of happiness from, the lady at the railway station sat with her shopping with a kind face.

We chatted and we spoke about Ireland and Antrim.

Then there is the man at the flower market selling flowers, he looks a bit wild with that haircut, but I am wrong we make eye contact and he smiled for me.

He to has a Story.

Or the man in the clothes shop with the Mohican hair cut, standing side on for me as I took his image. Happy to oblige in my love of photography.

I came home with a different outlook on life that day, only to be abused by 2 teenagers taking the piss out of my electric scooter.

Cool happy man.

Maybe it’s me thinking of it to much, wrong in my perception of the world. Was we rushing about in the 60s and 70s, there was LSD and Cannabis, guns and knives. Cars in the road, road rage on a different scale. Or do we all forget what it was like really,

Or was it because we had less choice, 4 channels on the TV, a landline for communication, the Red bus to go shopping rain or snow. No car, your feet were your transport, but we stopped and talked about Harold Wilson the PM, government and wages, no New Law every week. No Dark Web for abuse. But that was as bad then even worse, and investigated as today.

I don’t think we can blame anyone for the way life changes and it’s what’s happening and we are powerless to stop the big engine turning only to be stopped one day by Man’s Greed and power.

But I think you can make it like it was by just going out without your phone walking and sitting amoung people talking and laughing, swapping opinions about life in general.

The next time you stop and say hello to someone anyone, after hello I bet the conversation turns to a moan about something, going on about this and that. Stop and just say is life that really bad compared to others that can’t just open the door and go in any direction to where they want to go with no restrictions.

The beach or county park sit by river play with your children in the park, swim in the sea or just go out as a family and walk through the woods and forget the Angry world don’t answer your phone when your building a den with your Son or on a swing in the wood with your partner. Just don’t take your phone.

The phone is changing are daily life and having a massive effect on our social skills. It causes arguments and grief through a text read in the wrong context. It lets you down, when it the battery goes.

Has my phone help me in the 20 years I have had it, yes. Would I have found a way if I didn’t have it yes. Do I rely on it No. Can I live without it yes as I would find another way.

We are very fortunate to live in the countryside waking up to trees all as round us. Birds singing the sounds of nature. No Sirens, roads you can drive on for miles with no one coming up behind you flashing the lights in anger.

We talk to people as we walk round all walking slow and relaxed, breathing in the country air. All getting eye contact saying hello and looking into your eye with meaning and smiling. Lambs calling in spring birds calling all year round, peace and tranquility fills the air.

Yes the world has changed I suppose you could say I changed to, but I still prefer the old ways and by living where I do, and do the things that make the day a little more simple makes me feel good. I can still show the kids how to make a den, a Bow and Arrow, make a Rope swing, collect pine Cones. Teach them something an App won’t do

Take them to the river to catch fish as I did. Paddle for hours finding other things to do. Skimming a stone on the water, having a stick race. Telling them that’s the Robin singing, it’s done that for many years and the only thing that’s changed for the Robin is the tree that was cut down, the building that disappeared. He fly’s the same he mates the same, brings his family up the same, and watches us high in the tree.

Our life is Simple but we are happy. We both love the birds, squirrel, deer and fox. The carving of wood into lovely objects, photography we show on our walls. The start of another hobby Weaving Bracelets and Keychains, our wildlife Hide sitting in peace watching the 50 species of birds come in to feed.

We can’t stop the change, but can still live a simple life if we want to. It’s how bad you want it


  1. Love tis story just ordinary people with time for a chat like you say i smile costs nothing x


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