The lady.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess with blonde hair and a face ingrained in side me for life. A lady you gave me hope and made me smile when I looked at her, I fell in love with her, never would I meet her but would show my children her and tell her she was special.

She was elegantly dressed in emerald green walking with grace and style gifted to her by her mother and father. The lady in Red would be seen daily the media haunting her from a simple run in the morning to just getting out of her car, hounding her just to get an image to make public all round the world, just to make money.

So the morning came when i was lying in bed when my daughter came in and said the Princess is dead daddy. Don’t be daft i said, she cant be. The rest is history as they say.

Me and my daughter went out that day and bought a Red Rose called Remember and planted it in our garden. I looked after it for years only to move up the country never to see it again. I really hope it is a lovely mature rose bush with beautiful flowers like the Princess was Blooming all over with amazing grace.

I Still think she was done away with, but i know we will never find out the truth so no point going over it again.

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