My Wife Ruth.

It was Oct 31 2010 I was living on my own on Breeze Close Thornton Cleveleys. A lady lived across the way called Michelle who flashed her eyes at me and I got used me to do jobs for her. But she paid me back with a very special gift they will come apparent late in the story. I was in a lonely place when one day Michelle was parking her car on the drive and said are you coming to my party Friday. No I said I don’t do parties.

Later that week I decided to go and dressed up. Picking up my 8 Stella I headed over leaving my cold empty house that was once a happy one with a loving family in it. Will this be my break will I see anyone, will I remember anything, will I make a fool of myself. I sat there with lots of people and was finding comfort in my White and Red can. When 2 ladies walked in, and stood near me I don’t think I got introduced but one lady would have her way of breaking the Ice. She had a set of Fairy Wings on and when someone spoke to her she turned round and a Wing caught me in the face.

We chatted and had a drink together, but at at midnight I had to phone abroad to wish my daughter happy birthday. I said goodbye not knowing that she told Michelle she liked me. But I only found out after I met as another women. I moved house and moved into my new house not knowing the lady that I chatted to that night lived just up the road.

The lady would walk past with her little dog Jake and stop and talk. She would beep her car horn at me when she came home from work. A year would pass and I was in need of rescue from beautiful princess, a lady who would make me the man I was, just wanting to be loved. To hold hands a walk together sit and talk and laugh and listen to, 2 Less Lonely People in the World by Air Supply.

After trying to date for 2 years I plucked up the courage and sent an email to the lady with the wings asking her if she wanted to go out for a meal. No reply came back so I thought that was that, but one night in winter there was a knock at the door and it was the lady. Stood there and I asked her in. We went for a meal and walked home in the rain. We stopped outside her house and I said goodnight followed by a kiss. I walked away round the corner and lept about 70 feet in the air scaring an Tawny Owl roosting in the moonlit night.

That was the start of our Love for each other, the nights kneeling by my bed asking for a miracle to happen were answered. Ruth had come to me, like her Dad had said. Ruth had been so close but I had to go through a process like Ruth had gone through. We had a Beautiful Wedding on 27 09 2013 and the rest is history as they say.

Hold me close.