The Good Man

Ruth places a cup of tea on the coffee table it’s the last drink of the day it’s happened since I met her. She is my wife and I spend 24 hours a day with her, we know each others ways.

So when the cup touches the surface I look up and say two simple words that to me is a word that is getting forgotten words that show your manners that your parents taught you still matter to you. Yes we may sound old fashioned in this world of Technology. We get looked at in a strange way if you say did he, she say thank you. I said it because they didn’t say it.

The gesture in a car as you give way for a teenager, old person, a Hurst, an lady on. Horse, people crossing a road, a lady with her new born baby. No Thank you whatsoever, do I give in, stop doing it, come down to their level of good manners, Go With The Flow. Be a part of the trend, it’s not Cool anymore, that’s a thing of the past Dad, Grandma.

The Good Man says no, it’s part of my childhood up bringing, it doesn’t cost anything it shows people you appreciate what they have just done, a simple thought to another human being.

Thank you for The Music, it must be said in thousands of tracks of music, in a wedding speech, in Church as we say let’s us pray Thank you Lord. Thanks for coming to see me as I lie in bed I’ll from illness. Thanks for not telling him about the argument, the broken glass.

Do we say it just through habit, as a way of keeping the peace, to have an easier life. Maybe you were not taught it as part of your up bringing, you may not have parents that believe you have to say it every time someone does something for you out of the goodness of their heart.

Will it make difference if you say it, can it change the outcome of what is going to happen anyway. Do I say it softly as I say thank you for a beautiful Baby, as I kiss my my new bride on her wedding night. Or when we lie old in bed as you hold hands, thank you for being my wife and giving me a lovely life in our short time together on this earth.

Does the other person expect you to say it with feeling or emotion guilt or any other reason for saying it. Have I become old and grumpy and tell my grown children to say it, putting them in their place or reminding them that I didn’t bring you up that way. To cause an argument, or maybe my hearing is going and I don’t hear it said.

Why do I feel strongly about good manners, the Good Man inside me tells me it’s the right thing to do. I may have had a bad childhood but my parents taught me good manners respect for the other person.

I do feel strongly about it and can be heard often saying thank you would be nice as I hold the Door open at a shop for one person and 20 use it leaving me stood there like I am paid to do it.

I was getting on a bus in Disney World Florida and said thank you to the driver as I got off the bus, he stopped me and said I know your British because your the only people that say thank you to me. So when your feeling tired and have your feet up just resting, and your grandchild comes to you for the 50th time that day and says I am Hungry 20 mins after his dinner and you get up and get him a biscuit, should you get a thank you, do I just give it to them and not expect a thank you. Or should I have said go away and be looked at it a strange way from the people around me as old and grumpy, old-fashioned, not with the times, living in the past.

Will I say it Infront of a crowd of people I don’t know if I think it deserves a gesture, yes I will and will I care about the looks and words said under their breath No as I was taught that simple gestures of goodness and manners cost nothing.

As I walked down a path only wide enough for one person two young lads on bikes came towards me, I step aside only to hear Thanks mate. So it’s something they have been taught I didn’t know them they didn’t know me, they didn’t say it to get anything in return. They said it because I showed them a goodwill gesture a simple movement to step aside, I am older but wiser. I replied thanks lads to to show my appreciation to them, maybe they will grow up teaching people like I do to say Thank you.

I will say Thank yo to the White Doves that fly so high as they carry me up one more last time as I say Goodbye.

And I will hear thanks my Son for trying to do what is right what I taught you all the years ago as a boy.

Thank you for reading my stories of my life.

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I am 63 years old and and since a boy have had an interest in wildlife and in particular birds. I help my Dad with the rearing of young finches and other birds. I had many small birds as pets and as i got older and joined the Military i purchsed my first Camera, and fold out Kodak. Over a 22 year period i enjoyed many countries outside the uk and observed many species of birds. When i left the military in 2000, i bought my first digital camera a Canon 450D with a Tamron 70-300 and started my journey on capturing images of birds and animals. I quickly learned that there was a lot more to getting a good image of a bird, so i started to research the best settings for my camera in order to capture a better image. Over a 12 month period i realised that needed to invest in a better camera and lens and after research bought a Canon 50D and a 100-400 Lens. It was 2013 when i really got to grips with the setup and came across a lovely Short Eared Owl. From that meeting i started to concentrate on Owls as they fasinated me. From Canon to Olympus i recently jumped ship again to Sony. The variety of birds i have captured over a 10 year period is vast and at present i have a wildlife hide in lancashire where most of my images are captured.

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