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Plan or Not

Are you a planner, do you plan your day, month year out. Is it good to plan things to do, aims, goals ambitions. Will the plan come together, will it fail, shall I plan it again different. Will the plan suit everyone, is it just for me or my partner, my family.

Shall I plan my day out for it to go to plan or fail at the first hurdle, rectify it learn from it, stop making them. Plan financial things, plan my wedding down to the finest detail.

I made plans years ago for my future, my house to be paid for by the time I am 55. My life to be all done and to be happy, married with children, a cottage in the country slippers by the fire, a Black and White Boarder Collie by my feet. Open fire burning with smoke coming out of the Chimney my thoughts drifting up into the air spelling out peace on earth at last.

Did I plan my life would it have been different if my family planned it and I didn’t have a choice in my destiny. Is it right to plan your son or daughters life against there will. Beliefs and traditions mean you can’t plan anything.

So I planned my life at 34, are you asking yourself is this going to end up like I think and the answer is yes. I may not of had the cottage and Collie the fire burning my peaceful thoughts and happiness of everything I ever wanted in life. But I had a wife 2 Children my Golden Labrador Monty. My brand new House I was showing everyone. My life of do what I want when I want. Did I not know my plan made 22 years earlier would Crash and burn. No, did it, Yes. Did I see it coming, No. Had I planned I would be a Binge Drinker not on purpose not to hurt anyone or upset anyone no it was never planned. But it happened.

So all my plans went up in smoke just like that. You then can’t plan to be happy, sad, be positive about anything. Plan your day, week, month, year, it’s all a waste of time. I was a planner writing down the plans that bring happiness money new car holidays nice food beautiful children that would go to University be a Doctor or Solicitor, visit is in the Porsche.

No my plan did not work. Do I plan now. No. I take every second, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, as they come. I don’t plan for tomorrow as I don’t know what it holds in store for me, another illness, death, misfortune, something that could have life changing consequences. Did I plan that an Angel would rescue me from certain Alcohol poisoning ending my still young life.

I didn’t plan I would have my Amazing Angel Ruth at my side, 2 houses, 2 cars a Static van in the country with s lake next to it, rivers and woods, birds and animals that I love to take photographs of and show the world. Breath in fresh air every morning, be Grateful for being alive and healthy. Have a wonderful family full of love. Have a Boyhood dream sitting on my shoulder when I sit down in the morning for my cup of tea. A Parrot so intelligent loving and looking into my eyes wanting me to teach her more words,tricks.

Do I plan for more happiness in my life.

No I don’t Plan anything anymore.

Was my life planned out and did I spoil the plan, maybe I don’t know.

Plan or not to, you make your own plan.

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