Power in Sony

I have had the Sony A7r4 for 12 months and i have been tempted in the A9mk2 for my birds in flight but dropping to 24mp from 61mp is a big no no. If they ever bring another camera out with more power and yo can crop like this i will buy it, when your told that you don’t need the 61mp don’t be put off by negative comments and reviews look at my images tell people to look what this camera can do. With the.


So when you combine it with the Sony 200-600+ 1.4 Extender you can crop till your hearts content. As i sat next to the Lake yesterday 4 Sheep came past behind me and started eating the leaves on the trees. I was around 100 metres away so i took some images, the first image is has not crop.

original image no edit
Edited image side on to give example of image quality.

Message me if you want more information on the Sony A7r4

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