My Blog So Far.

Can I say thank you to everyone who has visited my site read my stories and veiwed my images. I really need to explain the reason behind my doing what I do.

My images of wildlife lead me here, i think this was my saviour. When I say that, I have to tell you of my struggle dealing with mental thoughts memories of my early life that stay with me and haunt me, my parents and family that won’t go away,

So my images led me here, and quickly I learned that I was relating to Alcohol Childhood and other things that had nothing to do with photography.

So I started writing about my childhood and can I say I am very sorry if I upset anyone, I wanted my story to be told as it was from my heart with no stone unturned. By writing I am releasing my burden the one I have carried with me for so long.

Not for Sympathy not for a tear or sadness just an understanding from you the reader. It’s not all bad as you have seen there is humour funny stories and love and happiness. That’s been my life so by telling you of my life lift s heavy weight off my shoulders, I have felt a different person since opening up to the world of my upbringing and hopefully have helped others with there trapped thoughts.

Again I am sorry if I have offended anyone or upset anyone in anyway.

Ron. More to come.

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