The Native American Indian

Is there any reason why an image a figure and tribe so proud of their traditions once a nation of inspiring hunter gathering peaceful people. Family’s that only knew the way of the tribe they were born into.

Why were films made if them showing there fight for survival, portraying man as a peaceful honest truthful person. Only to not keep to his word or promise.

I lie awake now thinking of the Indian and I always ask why did they get such a harsh deal. Was it man wanting more land, land that belong to the Indian long before the Cavalry came along with the blue uniform guns and beaver skins.

They lived in peace, what must have it been like, to live in peace than hear rumours men are coming with different coloured skin, men that would kill children just because there tongue was different. No clothes just beautiful Rawhide tips and waist coverings.

Beads face paint headdress made from the land and animals that kept them alive, only killed for the survival of the race. Do we really know if the Indian would still be around today if man didn’t find Gold, or needed a Railway to make make life easier.

Questions that won’t get answered as I can’t believe like they did back then in a Word a Promise a piece of paper with a letter saying sign here only to be worthless. We see images of The Little Big Horn read stories of The Man With Golden Hair.

A man so Bent on victory he caused the deaths of his whole unit, just after more glory so he could be seen as the Hero the man that wiped off the face of the earth a once proud Indian Nation.

Or was I just brainwashed as a child with westerns made by film production men making money from creating a movie about Jeronimo. The Apache or the Sioux, Black foot. Films that would follow the same theme. A treaty that was broken or was it, did we ever see the truth.

Then again they made movies showing the extermination of the Beautiful Beaver hunted for money and wealth, why has the human race always hurt people and animals put an end only to read about in books for our children to imagine.

Why does a person a tribe a civilization on the other side of the world stay in my thoughts for 63 years, it was only films showing the Calvary coming to the rescue, Indian family’s walking in the snow to another area to survive the cold. Buffalo lying dead as far as the eye can see skinned for their fur left to rot.

Greed again is my thought the greed of man to take what ever he wants not caring about the consequences. Should we be proud of how much destruction we have done over the centuries. The world has to move on but was there a way we could have done it different. Could the Indian not have been given land just enough to survive on.

Why are we fixated on taking our germs and illness into the Wilderness into the Amazon to find a lost tribe happy living only as they know.

Have you ever looked at an image of an Native American Indian the face is amazing it is full of tales the eyes that can tell the truth and trust a man. The face of a man who didn’t have the right coloured skin, lived like an animal, didn’t need a Saddle to ride his Black and White horse.

I am not blaming anyone for what has happened all over the world and is happening right now somewhere. Yes I have lived in a country in peace, so have I the right to judge or pass comment, some will say its all not true, it didn’t happen like that.

Some will say life moves on and if your not willing to move with the times you will have to live in the past. But its your choice, did the Native American Indian have a choice or was he told what his choices were.

It will always intreague me to what really happened to the Apache,Sioux and the other Indian tribes. Would they have change there ways and be using Social media, or just hunting and sitting by a fire smoking his Peace Pipe. Not a care in the world peace all around.

No Drugs, gangland killings, children murderers, wars, cruel videos, theft beatings, cruelty, greed, dishonesty,

An open fire 🔥 stars in a clear sky and the silhouette of his Horse.