its a normal day in 1997 the place is Guilford Surrey i am a Warrant Officer in the army responsible for the Fire Safety of 1000 Recruits girls and boys men and women. To test the recruits i decide to have a fire practice to record and log the reaction of the camp. Everyone in camp must muster on the parade square within 5 minutes. After parading on the square a nominal roll is taken of all people present.

There is a female missing from the roll call so i dispatch people to look for her. I realise that the girl is from the barrack room near my office so i go straight to her room and as i walk in she is still in bed i shake her and try waking her up, she is young just like my daughter, she doesn’t respond so i get hold of her as i shout for help and lay her on the floor and i start give her mouth to mouth plus chest compression’s. I feel that she is still warm to the touch. I shout again as i continue chest compressions, Someone arrives after 3 minutes so they phone for an ambulance.

I gave CPR for for 20 mins look into the girls eyes praying she would breath and speak to me. My efforts were all in vain and the medics arrived and tried to revive her with no joy. They thanked me for my efforts but she was pronounced dead while i watched.

After doing what i did and finding hard to take in that a young girl of 24 had died or was dead while i tried my best to bring her back to life. The army never consulted me after, no report or anything. The family came down to the camp but was never asked for to explain what had happened.

Would it have any effect on my already troubled mind, i don’t know. It wouldn’t be the first or last human body i would attempt to bring back to life.