Funny or Not.

The life expectancy if you fell into the sea off Port Stanley was 2 minutes. The Helicopter lands a lad gets off the metal frame and he is back on land again. He wears a Pack on his back his big Arctic coat adds more weight to his body. The first port of call is a little Green door he just fits through. He makes his way to the counter, rough scratches and bearing hand prints of times gone by.

Elephant beer Blackie 🍺 yes its like Rocket Fuel just what the doctor ordered. Are you taking your pack off your back. No I’m comfy like this, down in one someone shouts. Another 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺. The boat leaves soon Blackie. Give me one more 🍺.

Wear is that bloody Jetti, over here you pisshead. OK you alright climbing down the ladder, no problem mate. One runner down then 2. Blackout splash God thats Cold, Man overboard I hear, get him out he will die of hyperthermia. A huge Metal Hook grabbs me by my pack and I’m pulled aboard. Hospital for you Blackie.

Anther fine mess you got me into. 🍺