Just One More.

Your slurring your words.

Why are you so tired.

Is it IBS I have.

Hospital Germany stomach Cramps.

New Year in my Hopital Bed.

Christmas Dinner Missed To much Brandy.

Reacting in a horrible way.

Another Girl Lost.

No Promotion this year.

Drive your Car Pilsner in hand.

Hip flask for company.

Sadness Crying Upset again

Sorry it won’t Happen Again.

I Promise this is the last time.

I’m not doing it anymore.

Another Relationship Ruined.

That was not me talking.

Thats the Drink in him coming out.

You need a drink to be happy.

Drink to calm the Nerves.

Sorry did I offend you.

Can I do anything to make it better.

Where I’m I.

How did I get hear.

Who brought me home.

Who put me to bed.

Did my children see me shout at you.

Dis the children see me in that state.

I had more money than that.

Wheres my wallet.

My Watch is missing.

Another Relationship spoilt.

Another person Hurt.

Anger arguments hate.

Who wet the bed.

My shirt is ruined.

My nice Black eye, split lip,.

Who was he.

Did he do anything wrong.

No he just looked at you.

My car has a big dint in it

She left you last night you wouldn’t come home.

Why do I change into a horrible man.

I will End Up On My Own.

Just Me and My Tipple.

No one to hurt or upset.

Shout at my glass as much as I want.

Coffee for me Ruth. Xx