Sony A7r4 APS-C Mode

Here is some information for the Sony Alpha users about the A7r4 and the on going chatter about noise with the 61mp. I use this camera everyday for wildlife and after 12 months of use in low light, good light. Static birds to fast moving birds there is not an issue for me, so i am going to stick my neck out and say its the user not the camera. With the 200-600 lens fitted i have proved both with using the 61mp and the APS-C mode the Image Quality this camera produces is Amazing.

I cant say much more about how good it is so read my previous posts and look at my Gallery if your put off by negative reports on this camera.

If you cant get good results contact me and i will help you set up the camera. Remember i shoot in the UK so the light is always against me my reviews are personal and true but like i say my images say everything there is to say about this truly fantastic camera and Lens combination.

Nuthatch taken yesterday APS-C MODE 26MP

Edited in Luminar 4 just cropped no other alterations, you judge for yourself.