Feeling Happy

Is there a feeling more good when happiness comes from within, its like a warm feeling rushing through my vains, just feeling like never before is so hard to explain. I can’t wait for the next day to start, excitement as the dawn breaks, still weaving at 2100 hrs knowing I have little time left in the day to do something else.

Its an amazing feeling and I carry my feelings to Ruth as we walk again holding hands sitting down for a coffee. Its my turn now like it was many months ago when my Ruth took over the rains caring for me. I make her laugh before she gets out of bed,

Love surrounds us a glow from our hearts to one and other, a love we found late in life. No News No Web no Paper, just Ruth Bella and Me. My lovely Friends Al & Jackie making our day better as we laugh and chat together. Little things mean so much to me.

It ads to my happiness knowing our Lovely Family are happy no problems just to hear the voices is enough to add to this Amazing feeling of happiness.

I get great pleasure from helping people not just anyone but the few I find that I know are full of goodness kindness honest trustworthy genuine and have qualities that are rarely found in everyone.

This is my Recipe for Total Happiness, I have looked for years for it, asked myself will I ever find it, yes I will one day and that day is now. I wish I could bottle it and give it as a Christmas gift 🎁.

Thank you to my family and friends for making me feel so Goddam Happy.