Country Retreat

Another strange year approaches the end our place of peace and tranquility surrounded by Silver Birch Rowan and Pine, echoes of many species of birds as they decide to stay or go. Squirrel collect Acorns for the winter, the Jay to makes the most of the harvest of Acorns this year.

I see signs that tell me it’s time to make plans like the animals an birds, my bones that have seen and travelled so much start to send signals for me to make my way to bricks and warmth

The orange, bronze leaves cover the grass, gutters and furniture making a huge jigsaw of patterns only for the wind to rearrange them again and again. The Sun rises later in a low direction just over Ingleton moving slowly through the day not warming the land as it did months ago.

Fungi begin to sprout from the ground break through the forest floor for the small creatures to feast on. They only stand proud for a day changing there shape one more time to decay that day.

Trees 🌳 stay wet bark so dark and another grain to let man know how old it is, how long it has stood from a small root punching it’s way through another space on Earth 🌎.

Misty morning Lake no ripple taking hold as its bitter cold once more, the water, calls from the Teal and Widgeon arriving from who knows where. Joined by the young Signet born this year, mum and dad have gone now so feed from the lake gain your strength my little one.

Sounds in the night from Tawny its first winter looking for a roosting place and a Mate, no more cover from the leaves, your exposed to eyes looking for you. No danger just Blackie with his golden lens.

You used to sit for me before by body went through a change, now I look for you again, next year will be good for you and me as I find you again, to capture you and show your beauty to my followers.

Ho do hope all the birds and animals survive the winter and find safety at night, time will go quick and we will be back to feed you and look at your movement and hear your songs bring the sound of spring making us feel happy once more. The Sun 🌞 will rise early, Blackie up to catch you wherever you are, he is back fighting fit to carry on his journey with nature.

His journey that gives him so much pleasure and brings the same feeling to his friends. Once trodden earth will be gently walked on again as he stalks the Deer, Fox and Brown Hare.

The 6×8 shed he erected in 2014 will thrive again, 🍎 Plum and Pear 🍐 Tree will blossom 🌸 in summer. Woodpecker, Jay will fly again as the Shutter button 20 frames a second is heard as his friend sits with enjoyment on his face.

Bulbs will be stronger, the Bluebells will flower in Redstart wood. Times will be good again.

Ruth will hold Ron’s hand again and walk along the Greta, the Loon with a Picnic. Sitting close they talk about life and say hello to Jake and Monty as they look up at Ingleborough. They will walk where they walked when they first met more in love than before.

Life has dealt a few blows but the Veteran will make it great again every day so precious, his wife is his life making him sing and laugh a man that was broken like shattered glass.

Put back together from his Angel Ruth from above, the Wing that hit him was the touch that would bring them together to make their new life of adventures.

We end another season, lovely memories from our time spent with A&J.

Roll on winter, 🔥s will burn again, songs will be sung again, what it will bring we don’t know but we will be stronger i know.

Blackie, Ron, Birdman,