A Day With Blackie.

I wake every morning, what can I make today, is the Light good for photography shall we go to the River for a Picnic or a walk. What will Bella say today to make me laugh. What new words will my Baby CAG parrot say or do. The kettle goes on curtains drawn and Bella let out to start he morning chorus.

Ruth gets her cupa and I sit Weaving another beautiful Paracord Braclet, Key fob or Zip pull. Put the food out for the birds always thinking ahead to what to do next

Time in my World is precious using every minute of the day to do something adding to the feeling of satisfaction that you have achieved something in the day by putting the effort in. No need to spend money just using what’s around you to tax the brain, learn another skill you didn’t know you had.

Clean the floor in the kitchen make Bella her breakfast of green vegetables and clean her cage with hot water and a cloth, as she is a Gem to me and Ruth deserving the best care and attention you can give her. By 9 I am ready the AM tasks done and move forward to my workshop there is wood to be cut for Christmas carvings for Family and to sell.

I select my wood now different to when I started, it had to be straight 5 years ago but now I can see shapes in the wood, for different projects. The music plays, its Motown as my 10 inch bandsaw cuts through the tree that once was in the forest.

How many birds sat on it, did I lean lean against it sheltered from the rain, how many dogs cocked their legs on it. How many Spring, Summer, Autumn Winters did it achieve. Did the Buzzard build its nest it, the Tawny roost in it. Squirrels play and build the homes for winter in it.

Was it surrounded by Bluebells or Green Fern, maybe the Roe Deer settled next to it for the night, or the escaped lamb Scratches its back on it. It has a story to tell. So from the woods to Blackies hands that will not let it burn to be forgotten but to sit in a house somewhere in England making someone happy to live on again.

Lunchtime approach and Bella comes out for a play on her swing and and to talk for another hour making us laugh as she says whats you having for your dinner. Speaking so clear now approaching 300 different sentences.

The Sony is ready as I make my way to the Hide for some time with the birds, not a lot there so I go back and spend time with Ruth cup of tea and a walk round the site.

Get the chainsaw out to cut more Silver Birch ready for more Christmas carvings, then I start to make may Camera Strap for my Fujifilm camera.

I make a few more Key Fobs and Bracelet, its time to make tea, a nice Curry will do.

Bella time again as she takes flight stretched wings out as she gets her daily exercise.

I hate 5 ill 7 for some reason so I do more paracord weaving, another design made up this time no need to follow a video I can make them another gift I find I have remembering how to make the Knot or the weave.

Listen to Vangelis then give Bella Stroke on her face as she loves it, A Pine Nut for her supper or 3 then cover her up for the night.

Hot Chocolate and Bed.