The Box

Over time I mind thoughts go to to a certain time or person, a memory of sadness never Happy ones, always something that puzzles me, why it happened. I know I can’t what happened and its daft and pointless going there again and again.

But the mind is a powerful organ and it would be wonderful and amazing if I could make the feelings or thoughts go away by stopping them in their tracks by erasing them from my Brain. But I can’t.

I have just woke up again from yet another dream of the Army the same theme again like its been for years. My memories and thoughts are easier to deal with but I find the dreams are difficult to control.

Some people talk about the dream being what you saw in the day or spoke about triggers them, but the military dream does not need a trigger its there like a Nightmare.

I old mate of mine was suffering with a loss of his wife years ago now and at the time I was in a good place to help him in his time of need. And for 5 years I was in a position where it was part of my job description to advise people and listen to their problems.

No qualifications just life skills that I had learnt on the way, ones I had learned from. My mate was I a place and situation that I would end up in years later, but I helped him by explaining that what has gone has gone.

You can’t change the outcome but we can make it a little easier for you, it worked for me. There are 2 Boxes one Red and one Green. There a vision in your mind, they both open on your command and there for your thoughts Good and Bad.

So we spoke about his one thought that kept coming back and I explained to him it needs to go into the Red box, open it in your mind put the thoughts in it and close the lid. Everytime it comes just say stop and place it back in the Red box

You may never open the Green box like me as the Happy thoughts don’t bother you. It works with me and over time it will sit in the Red box the thought is learning it can’t upset you or bother you as you have moved on in life and nothing can change what happened.

My Thoughts Since My Blog.

I am finding that writing my thoughts down has lifted a weight off my shoulders but I never take to much for granted as I know that rock bottom feeling is only round the corner waiting to be triggered again by something. But staying positive and busy keeps my mind from going there.

Yes my Red box is closed for now with my childhood, family and other memories that haunt me and send me to dark places, that no one can help me with but me. So I’m positive in body and Happy feeling the best I have felt for years.

Maybe the way forward is to Get some 6 inch Nails and a Hammer and drive 64 into it closing it for good and telling myself when a thought starts to happen or my mind wonders again say you can go there again its closed for good.

My Box has 64 nails in my years on earth since Birth.