Grateful Or Not.

Christmas approaches we never thought that a Virus from an Animal would distrup our life on earth. No one wrote a song about it, or predicted it would happen. The Bombs have stopped, no more mass gatherings so the Terrorist can’t create Media by killing innocent people because of the Virus.

People still starve and have no water to drink, live in poverty not knowing where the next meal is coming from. Hardship still ravages the earth, children die from decease no cure to help them.

People still live on the streets in doorways as the nights grow colder, 12 months ago they were happy had a well payed job, a family, a Future all lost in a traffic moment no just a thought as another night on their own closes in.

Children are still kidnapped for slavery, for people with money, people still make epic journeys to other countries seeking a better life taking years to make it to the place of safety, pastures green.

The Big C still takes innocent lives of all ages every second of every day. Men women and children loose their Sight or hearing. Loose a loved one as the mind turns from a partner to a child. From happy married to caring for them as they deteriate through age.

Marriages and relationships break daily through pressure from Money and wealth, always wanting more to keep up with the Jones’s.

Suicide and self harm, Depression and many more illness that the healthy person takes for granted daily. We have every gadget in the world life is so easy we come to depend on it, forgetting the real meaning g of life.

Sit and look around what you have and then think of the homeless when you turn the heating on from for Voice or by your phone. Complain obout the TV listing. Rain again today,

Yes I make up the % that are fortunate to have a Wife Family money have no job to do to pay the Mortgage, can do what I want when I want, eat what I want, order anything I want to get delivered next day, talk to my loved ones when I want, hear my Grandchildren laugh or see them in a video. Walk in the country, ride my bike, sleep, look at the Internet, I can do anything I want.

I don’t watch the News or read papers.

So when you next Complain about the V word

Look around what you have.

Its not hard for us that have everything, a little, or just our family love and friendship. Don’t get bogged down by talking all the time about it, you can’t change the outcome what will be will be. Then whens its over they will say do you remember the Virus in 2020.

Be yourself talk more use your social skills talk to your children make things with them, play with them.

I am a Human being well and if I don’t sit down with my family at Christmas with more food that just gets thrown away, then that’s not hardship its something we have to take as normal, until we get a Needle in our Arm to protect us.

I am very Grateful what I have in life.