Why do my dreams carry on where they left off after I wake up.

The Army dream happened again, everyone dislikes me, they make life hard for me its so real I wake up feeling upset. Its a dream I know but when I’m in it its so real with feelings and hurt.

They are faces I can’t put a name to but the buildings and camp are the same.

I always seem to have one person that knows my feelings in the dream, and is on my side. I know how to combat the dream to wake up but there never comes an opportunity to do so.

Its like I have hurt one of there mates so I have to be disciplined for my actions. Its that real I went through a court case months ago where I was found Not Guilty but they still blame me.

Its gone on for weeks months and years ever since leving in 2000.

I would never to dream it again, I don’t do anything in the day to trigger it. The dream just happens.

Any advice would be appreciated.