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Frog Travel

The sticks float by as the little frog lost swept away in the night as the storm hit our peaceful land. All alone the world looks so big, a flat piece of wood a little raft takes hold of the grass bank. Climb aboard little chap and paddle the storm has gone sun shines on your little body.

The bridge looks so big, and huge birds fly above me scared I stop paddling, under the Oak I pass. A leaf falls floating down and covers me, I feel safer now

Sounds are coming from all directions, as I make my journey down the river to where I don’t know. I peep through to see the Merganser with her young diving for food they have all made it from leaving the best weeks ago

The water gets louder as I approach the waterfall gripping in with my sucker feet I ride the white water it’s fun and brings a smile to my face. My leaf got swept away but the river slows into calmer water.

The banks are green trees are smaller, song birds sit and sing as the sun warms their wet feathers. I drift and I see a leaf curled up floating on the other side of the river. Paddling I get close to see a foot like mine, I take hold of the leaf and gaze inside to see my Mum and Dad and my brother asleep.

I climb from my little raft and take place next to them, they feel warm. I feel so tired as my little eyes close. My journey is my dream but I wake to a voice saying your breakfast is ready.

Dad has a Fly for me, eat my Son get your strength we lost you last night in the storm so come tell me of your adventure. Sitting on the mossy rock we speak about my adventures and my return to my family.

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